Pet Odor Treatments

Using new tools, chemistry and techniques we can eliminate most pet odor problems. By using a subsurface process we can rinse the carpet from the bottom up! Contamination is removed from the sub-floor, carpet padding, carpet backing and face yarn in a multi-step process. And in most cases it can be done without removing the carpet padding or “disengaging” the carpet from the tack strip.

First we identify the area with a urine detector. Then we soak the area with a special stripping agent. After a suitable dwell time a special tool is used to rinse and extract the entire area.

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In some cases the stain is removed along with the odor. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Exposure to pet urine, especially over long periods of time, can break down the dye in the carpet fiber. As a result, there is no guarantee of stain removal with this process. But you’ll be comfortable in the knowledge that the hygiene of your carpet has been greatly improved.

Depending on the condition and severity of your situation we may not be able to offer you a guarantee of complete odor removal. The technician will be able to make that determination, and provide a quote once a complete inspection of the problem has been made.

Most of the low price ( low quality ) carpets like the ones on the roll at your local big box home improvement stores do not respond to treatments like better quality carpets. They wear much more quickly also, basically they are engineered for one time use type situations.

Soot Lines

Filtration soil lines are usually found along the walls, on staircases, and near heat vents or cold air returns. The soil is from pollution in the air, and is not usually just dust.

It occurs when air moves through carpet and traps solid particles, much like a furnace filter. After time it becomes quite ugly, especially on lighter carpets.

Because of the way most vacuum cleaners are made, they do not get the edges of carpets very well — where soot lines form. And most crevice tool attachments are not strong enough to do an adequate job.

We use the latest products and equipment to get the best results possible on soot lines, but because the carbon particles are attached to the carpet fibers and each other by electrostatic bonding, complete removal is often impossible, ask us for a quote to provide this optional service.

Other Trouble Spots

We also specialize in treating or removing the following:

gum removal
rust remover
coffee stain remover
motor oil remover
tape residue remover
wax removal
mildew neutralizer
plus many more

Resources for Trouble Spot

Check out either of the below links for help on other trouble spots.

3M Scotchgard Spotting Chart - a spotting chart put out by the leaders in carpet care.

Carpet Stain Guide - how to remove stains from acid toilet cleaners and blood, to white glue and wine.

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